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Model 1833 Dragoon Saber Scabbard Dated 1837 Sword

Model 1833 Dragoon Saber Scabbard Dated 1837 Sword

Model 1833 dragoon saber & scabbard, dtaed 1837, sword. The blade on this model 1833 is dated 1837. Besides the date it is inscribed in cursive lettering, n p ames / culter / springfiedl / 1837.
Picture is not very good. The lettering is legible but is not real deep.
On the reverse side in same style lettering united states wiht some flourishes. The single edged blade is bright with some age discoloring.
(very light grey, no rust). On the riacsso at hilt is the inspector initial w s. Nice point, about halfway down the blade is a very small nick approx. Top of blade is rounded, as opposed to being flat.

Leather washer worn btu intact. All brass guard with inspectors marks, inside a border h k c. (see only a period after the c) / under this is ord. This is on the top of quillon. On the side of the quillon is an s.

Check pictures, leather has soem flaking. Brass twisted wire is tight and all ok. Note, missing a small piece of wood at the top of the grip.

Hard to show in the picture but scabbard looks to be leather lined. Bottom ring band shows an old repair. One side of scabbard has one dent which goes from one side to the other. Reverse side has 4 dents, 2 below the bottom ring and 2 small ones at the drag. Drag has inspectors initial tw.

Note have taken 31 pictures to maek sure to show all parts and condition of the very nice 1837 dragoon sword and scabbard. Little info on teh dragoons. This is the first recognized major cavalry sword pattern in the eraly united states and is patterned after a british sword of the 1820's.
It is a heavy caavlry type and was carried by mounted infantry or dragoons. These dragoons were trained to ride quickly to a skirmish, dis-mount, and fight on foot. nI rare instances they would actually fight on horseback. We make every effort to pack items so that they will be received in the same condition in which they left us. We do not mark merchandise values below avlue or mark items as gifts us and international government regulations prohibit such behavior. The package will weihg in the 6 pounds.